About AEC

Barry Gouldbourne:

40 years engineering experience designing transformer solutions Chartered Engineer for over four decades

Specialises in designing for challenging markets – scientific, environmental, marine and aerospace. Flexible approach and experience working with scientific customers.

Company History:

Started Apex Engineering in 1974. Launched Alphabet Electronics in 1980. In 1992, started selling into Europe, and in 1996 achieved Worldwide sales and formed Alphabet Inc. in the USA (focusing on production of encapsulated transformers), entered Far East market.

By 1999, over 70 percentage of business was exporting Worldwide.

In 2017, Alphabet continues to serve customers around the globe, and offers 2 week production timescales for clients, particularly those demanding faster turnaround than the usual 8 week lead in from China. Also pre-ordered "just in time" deliveries. For prototype we can offer 2 day production.

We offer the quickest response, with transformers that actually work as promised (!) and attractive bespoke design.

We specialise in non-standard requirements and overcoming harsh environments. Whatever the size, temperature, voltage or compliance demands, we have the experience to deliver a solution.